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 maverix contracting_1_left chestOur motto is “Plan Wisely. Construct Perfection.” We will guide our clients with “wise” preparation and planning that includes comprehensive pre-construction, objective-focused management, and collaboration-based delivery systems. We also have the unique ability to provide “perfected” on-site performance capabilities with employees and crews that can self-perform almost half of the building services to complete
this project. This service model brings an unmatched, strategic advantage to you than provided other constru
ction firms. With this combination, Maverix will save more money and time, as well as provide quality results and the peace of mind that you have people with experience and expertise working to ensure the success of your project.


Unlike most construction firms that “broker” almost all or 100 percent of the subcontracting trades, self-performance enriches our depth of expertise and services. It provides many advantages with regard to responsiveness, quality, cost and schedule than our competitors can provide. Maverix can self-perform up to twenty-five percent of the total project scope, including the following specific trades:

  • Cast-in-place concrete—form, place, finish
  • Dirveways, Sidewalks, Curb and Gutter, Commercial and Residential Projects
  • Doors Frames and Hardware install for Commercial Applications
  • Basement Finishes